10 Plant-Based Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Plant-based smoothie bowl recipes

Let’s face it. Smoothie bowls are gorgeous. They’re almost too pretty to eat! But today we’re going to look at 10 plant-based smoothie bowl recipes that we can take pictures of AND eat. I gathered up a nice variety of smoothie bowl recipes from Pinterest that are not only pretty but also filling, nutritious and …

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7 Plant-Based Smoothie Recipes Perfect for a Vitamix

Plant-Based smoothie recipes

Ready for some quick, easy and delicious plant-based smoothie recipes? These are just perfect for the Vitamix. Why a Vitamix? Well, in my last post, Vitamix Pro 750 Review, I told you all about this kitchen appliance and why it’s one of my favorites. Let me just give you a short and sweet version. In …

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